Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dance Recital

                             ShoelessJoe. Now that was a hard dance
Ballet this is year seems to be getting easy! Woot woot.
                                          Egyptian. Excel
It's quite amazing seeing how fast time tends to fly. I'm already done with my Christmas recital. Next thing you know, it'll be summer!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

In all things give thanks

I am so very blessed.
I am healthy and happy.

I have an education. (not always my favorite thing)
I have friends who've been through a lot, and teach me.
I have my best friends, 
who make me the person I am.
I have clothes, a bedroom 
and a toothbrush w/ toothpaste.
I have a place to call home.
I have my dance talent 
allowing me to express myself. 
I have my dance team.
I have a testimony.
I have the gospel in my life.
I have the chance to become a better
person every time I wake up.
  I laugh everyday.

 I smile everyday.
I live everyday.

My favorite blessing is my family.
We Laugh together.

We Live together. 
We giggle with each other. :)
This is what I'm thankful for.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Few things here and there

We're the top dogs of the school. 
I've lost some close friends. I've been going through some withdraws of my old friends. Not seeing them as much is hard. I must not give up though. Things will be okay. 
                       Romeo and Juliet was rough. I'm glad they died and relieved me of my misery. The picture above was my group, in which we had to adapt a scene in the play and act it. MMHS vs. SHS was our adaptation. :)  School is going great. Some days are better then others. Enjoying my last year at the Jr.high.

                                   I am now 15.  I feel ancient! I should probably get my permit.

                                         Decided to gain some winter warmth at Pizza Pie Cafe.
                                             We stuffed ourselves full and even a bit more.
                                                    Went to Alice in PumpkinLand
                                                Got a bit lost in the corn maze.
                                         We found our way, later rather than sooner.
                                            Jolly Good Time with me's best Mate! Goob
We found the secret room within the corn maze. Sat and giggled while we watched tons of families pass by frustrated for they could not find the room. :) I love my cousin, Maddie. She is pretty swell.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Football cheers, Freshman stress.

Spending time cheering on the devils with Bryce!
Supporting a friend, soakin' wet in the rain, for 4 hours.
 Football Season has come. Seem to take forever to actually happen! "Devils in the front, let me here you grunt! UHH!"
   Yes, I am going to Maple Mountain but why not enjoy trying to be a devil? :) I had fun supporting all my friends, both red devils and golden eagles alike this football season. 
#33 & #24. Looking good on the field :)
The last year of my Jr.high experience is coming to the beginning of the end. Freshman stress. 
                                                      The last year of being a Mustang.

 School has started. We look thrilled, don't we? Definitely Bittersweet. 

Friday, July 6, 2012